Island Time Starts at Fox Island Audiology!

Fox Island Audiology, the private consulting practice of Gus Mueller, is located near the Northern tip of Fox Island, a short boat ride from the city of Bismarck. The island culture, vegetation and wildlife provide an ideal backdrop to all things acoustic.

Fox Island is the largest of the chain of islands in south-central North Dakota. Surrounded by the Missouri river, this scenic wonderland first gained national prominence in 1804, when it was the winter get-a-way retreat for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. In the spring of 1805, it was none other than a Fox Island Prairie Dog that made the arduous journey back to Washington D.C. to be delivered (alive) to President Thomas Jefferson.

Today, the island is known for its tranquil laid-back lifestyle, unique cuisine and native music (and maybe still a few Prairie Dogs). The early French ambience, fueled by 1800s resident Toussaint Charbonneau, has now been fused with cultural influences from all over the world, making life on Fox Island a truly international experience. While the French ponton (pontoon) remains a common site, the German influence from the Bismarck mainland can be observed in the beverages served at many island outings, and the Scots have brought the island its most popular event—curling.

Fox Island Audiology is proud to be a part of the island, its history, and its traditions!

fox island summer scene sm
View from the lanai office of Fox Island Audiology
fox island curling
Fox Island Audiology competes for Island Championship