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Dr. Gus Mueller – World Renowned Lecturer And Author In Audiology

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Audiology Consultant

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

An audiologist for 50 years, H. Gustav “Gus” Mueller, PhD, is an internationally known researcher, lecturer, editor and author. Gus has been a fixture in the audiology community for decades, and has served in various roles in industry, academia, administration and publishing. He currently has a private consulting practice nestled between the tundra and reality on an island west of Bismarck, ND.

Since the early 1990s, audiologists have been treated to Gus’s monthly journal columns, now numbering over 300.  Originally his work appeared on “Page Ten” in The Hearing Journal. For the past 12 years, it has been “20Q With Gus” in AudiologyOnline, where he is a Contributing Editor.

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Recent Books By Gus

Dr. Mueller has co-authored 12 textbooks related to diagnostic audiology and the selection and fitting of hearing aids.  Many remember his “dusty-metallic-rose” probe-mic book co-authored with David Hawkins and Jerry Northern.  The two-volume Audiologists’ Desk Reference books, co-authored with Jay Hall, also were a favorite of many.  He currently has six books available, several of which were co-authored with Todd Ricketts and Ruth Bentler.

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More About Gus


Gus is a founder of the American Academy of Audiology, and served on the Academy’s inaugural Executive Board. He was a founder of the Colorado Academy of Audiology, served as the first president, and was awarded the Honors of the Association. With colleague Paul Dybala, he founded and developed the popular website, where music, audiology and frivolity all live in harmony.

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Dr. Mueller currently holds faculty appointments at Vanderbilt University, the University of Northern Colorado, and Rush University. He is originally from Ryder, North Dakota, where he graduated from NDSU, home of the Bison!

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Dr. Mueller serves as senior audiology consultant for WS Audiology, and is a Consulting Editor for Plural Publishing.

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Germinal Gus: A Few Favorite Articles

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Audiology Trivia Fan?

For 25 years, Gus and his buddy Jerry Northern hosted the Academy of Audiology’s annual Trivia Bowl. You too can now enjoy the Top 100 Questions from those years. For the stumped, curious and bored, the answers and Trivia Bowl history also are provided. Let Gus and Jerry know if you enjoyed them by messaging the Mueller Northern Beer Fund – donations appreciated!

Mueller Family History

Mueller family information and stories that Gus has collected and would like to share.

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