Germinal Gus: Some favorite articles


Back in 1990, Gus and Mead Killion were lamenting that while the AI was certainly important, there just had to be a simple way for clinicians to do the calculations. Chas Pavlovic has just published a a four-frequency approach, but Gus and Mead thought that they could do better—enter the 100-Dots-Audiogram, which became more widely used than ever imagined.  Twenty years later, it was revised to accommodate the new SII standard.  The 2010 audiogram, available below, is NOT copyrighted.  Enjoy.

Twenty years later: A NEW Count-The-Dots Method Article

Speech Recognition Testing—Let’s just agree to do it right!

In 2020, Gus and Ben Hornsby wrote a 20Q (actually 40Q) review article on speech recognition testing.  While most of what they said had been known for decades, it rapidly became the most read article ever published at AudiologyOnline, with over 3000 audiologists (and still counting) obtaining CEUs and writing reviews.

20Q: Word Recognition Testing – Let’s Just Agree to do it Right!

The need for real-ear verification

Something that Gus has been writing about since the 1980s. Here are some more recent articles that sum up his thoughts, complete with a review of the supporting evidence.

20Q: Real-Ear Probe-Microphone Measures — 30 Years of Progress?

20Q: Today’s Use of Validated Prescriptive Methods for Fitting Hearing Aids – What Would Denis Say?

20Q: Hearing Aid Verification – Can You Afford Not To?

Perspective: real ear verification of hearing aid gain and output

Tribute articles for Robyn Cox and Mike Valente

Marshall Chasin, editor of the Canadian Audiologist, has done a great job of putting together special issues for Robyn Cox and Mike Valente.  Gus has contributed to both.

My Days with Robyn Cox: Fourier, Fosters, and Audiologic Forays

Valente Vignettes: Bad Introductions, Billy Joel, and Baseball

The KEMAR tells all in this exclusive interview

Now nearing 50 years of age, in this exclusive interview from 2006, the world-renowned manikin shares his memories.  It’s the only known record of the KEMAR story “in his own words.”  An appearance at followed shortly after.

Where in the world is KEMAR?

“Ears of Steel” KEMAR Manikin

Famous audiologists tell humorous stories about themselves

A few years back, Marshall Chasin and Gus were sitting around a cocktail table, having a few beverages, and as usual starting telling humorous stories about their life as an audiologist.  And as usual, they started repeating what they remembered of stories that they had heard from other audiologists. And then, a moment of clear thinking prevailed . . . Why not put all these stories into one article?  They did.

Life as an Audiologist: Stories Too Good Not to Tell

Gus makes the best of his limited hobbies

Some funGus interviews from over the years

Over several glasses of port, Paul Dybala and Gus go back to the 1960s

Talking with Carolyn Smaka:  A few more stories

This Week In Hearing:  Gus and Bob Traynor talk about 50 years of hearing aid fitting